Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Best Laid Plans

Traveling by RV has its challenges. It requires a bit of planning if you want to assure that you have a place to park each night. I spent a fair bit of time a month and more ago creating an itinerary for our trip to Rochester, NY. We are heading there for my High School reunion... it's one of the "milestone" reunions!

We don't like driving hour after hour. My guy likes to follow the "Three Thirty" rule: travel 330 miles or be parked by 3:30 in the afternoon, whichever comes first! OK, so places to stop or schedules, and sometimes even the weather, dictates that we bend the rules a bit, but I try to stick close to it. when I make our plans.

So, we were going to leave RiverBend yesterday and travel 362 miles to Ft. Clinch State Park on Amelia Island. We wanted to stay there several days to visit with family. Then, we were going to stop near Bluffton, SC to visit friends, then head to Lake Norman in NC to spend a few nights with friends from RiverBend. From there, a stop in Virginia, a three-day Airstream Rally in PA, and eventually we would land at South Shore RV Park, a campground owned by folks who winter in RiverBend. We had a site overlooking Lake Ontario... with spectacular sunsets. And finally, we were going to move closer to Rochester for the reunion.

Notice, much of this was written in the "we were gonna" tense, because now it looks like we are NOT gonna follow this itinerary. Picture a very sad face! Our new truck has a crack going just over half of the windshield. Right now it only impacts the passenger side... but the crack is traveling, even though we are not! The Mister has been trying to get a new windshield for over a month. Our insurance said to contact Safelight. They could not get the windshield. He contacted the dealer. They could not get the windshield. He contacted Chrysler. They can't get the windshield. The windshield is on national backorder!

So... we wait.


  1. How frustrating the windshield you need is on national backorder. I like your 330 rule.

  2. Been there done that ... sort of. For us it was the RV windshield and dozens of dings and little cracks from a bunch of rocks off a truck in Wyoming! We ended up traveling home with me watching the cracks all the way!

  3. Hope you make it there eventually:)


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