Saturday, April 28, 2018

Westward Ho!

... and so the journey begins!

Yesterday we parked the Airstream (the Silver Bubble) on the street next to our motorhome (Big Red) and transferred clothing, canned goods and more. Since our resort does not allow pull-behind campers, we took it to our storage garage for the night. We could plug it in there and get the refrigerator cold so we could transfer items from the motorhome to the Silver Bubble. Scott drove Big Red down today, I backed the Silver Bubble out, and we installed the motorhome in her summer quarters.

Tonight we are at a local campground in LaBelle, FL. It is fairly new and has a lot that travelers like about campgrounds. The sites are all covered in pavers (is it coincidental that the owner's oldest son manages the local paver company owned by his family?!) The sites are flat and access roads are adequate. There is a man-made pond/lake in the center of the campground with a nice pavered walk all the way around. Many sites front on the lake. This is a 55+ Mecca for snowbirds. The owner said they are generally full all winter, and they are building more sites. It will be a lovely park when plantings mature.

Knowing I have a penchant for bursting into song and changing words to fit the occasion... sing along with me… 

(Leaving on a Jet Plane)

The coach house is packed,
We’re ready to go,
There is so much in there, we could barely shut the door,

We’ve had so much fun it’s hard to say goodbye.
But the kids are calling,
They want their mom
The grand kids are bawlin’
It’s time to go home,
Already we’re so tired
We could cry….

So next year we will see you
We’ll have fun with things we’ll do
You’ll think of us like we will think of you
We’re leaving on our Airstream
RiverBend is an amazing  dream
It’s gonna get hot, we surely have to go….

(A Long, Long Way to Tipperary)

It’s a long way to California,
It’s a long way to go.
It’s a long way to California
To see the grand kids at their home.
Goodby, RiverBend

Farewell to all our friends.
It’s a long, long way to California
Soon we’ll be where summer never ends.

(See You in September)

We’ll be far away each and every night
We’ll miss RiverBend, it is such a delight;

Bye-bye, so long, farewell.
Bye-bye, so long.
See you in November,
See you when the summer's through.
Here we are (bye, friends, goodbye)
Saying goodbye from the road (bye, friends, goodbye)
Our trip to another home (bye, friends, bye, friends)
Is taking us away (bye, friends, goodbye)
We’ll have a good time but remember
Our travels give us things to think of
And we’ll see you in November
‘Cause RiverBend’s the place we love
(counting all the days ’til we come back)
(counting the miles and plotting our track )
Bye, friends, goodbye
Bye, friends, goodbye
Bye, friends, goodbye (bye-bye, so long, farewell)
Bye, friends, goodbye (bye-bye, so long)


What thoughts do you have?

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