Sunday, April 29, 2018

LaBelle to Beverly Beach, FL

After leaving our winter oasis we turned north and east. We landed at Beverly Beach Camptown RV Resort. This is an outrageously priced campground for what you get.... but our tiny piece of gravel and concrete, shoehorned between two other rigs, was smack, dab on the sea wall of the beach with an unobstructed view of the Atlantic. 

Sleeping with the roar of waves practically beneath our feet was the best. Oh, and speaking of things beneath our feet, we have the dogs! 

They always manage to lie down where we want to walk. But they are getting more comfortable with having us step over them, something Tucker, especially, doesn't care for. 

Our first days on the road tested my memory skills, and I failed! Miserably! Where did I put the dog food? Where is the wine bottle opener? What cabinet holds our stash of sodas? 
For the moment life in the Silver Bubble is as if we are living in a number slide puzzle.

Picture from the Internet
We have a few extra bags of stuff that we haven't found a place for... so, when it is time to take a shower we move things out of there and next to the bed. When it is time to go to bed we move the bags to the couch (because the shower is too wet since I can't find the microfiber cloth we use to wipe down the shower), when we want to relax in the "living room" we have to move the bags again. Me and the Mister get to do the number puzzle dance as well.

Last night we settled on eating two frozen dinners we have been holding onto for a while. This may be our choice of cuisine as we chug along westward. Opening two boxes and nuking two entrees sure beats trying to find space for preparing and cooking more than one thing, given less than three square feet of counter space. However, I did decide that bacon and eggs sounded doable this morning. New discovery, having a smoke alarm on the ceiling four feet from the cook top is not a good thing! My new dance: turn the bacon, turn around, fan the smoke alarm, turn around and repeat, all on eight counts!

I woke early... sat up and saw this:

I got up to take the dogs on a last walk on the beach. Gypsy was all about smelling all of the wonderful smells dogs smell. 

It's time to move bags and get ready to head on down the road. More later. 


  1. Sounds like us (says she looking around at bags of stuff in Wolf)

    1. LOL! Maybe by the time we get to where we are going we will have found everything we can't locate now. Have a good trip.


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