Friday, August 12, 2016

Whinny Earns her Stripes

MINI owners name their cars.

Soon after I acquired my MINI her name became apparent to me. Of course, with my love for horses and my penchant for rhymes, she had to be named, "Whinny". Whinny the MINI!

MINI owners individualize their cars.

Their cars sport stickers, and antenna bobbers, and stripes, and badges.

This week Whinny truly became "Whinny" with her new personalized stripes. I've been working with Kristan to fine tune my idea and make it happen in vinyl.  Kristen is a fellow member of the Mini5280 club and owns Artistic Reflection. We Dreamers made a trip up to Loveland, CO for the installation.


Wetting the car,

Applying the wet vinyl.
Husband James helps with the process.

Lining the vinyl up with the landmarks on the car.

Using a rubber scraper to work out air and water pockets.

Peeling off the backing and checking to see if the area is dry.

After the backing is pulled off, and after the vinyl is dry enough,
the center section is peeled off,

Revealing the basic design.

Next, the burgundy vinyl is carefully applied.

The paper backing is pulled off,

Small pieces of vinyl are removed,
revealing the finished design.

Ta da....


  1. Very nice and appropriate for her name

    1. Yes. I love the name. So, even though I'm not galloping over the countryside, I can have a fine time driving fast through curvy mountain roads!

  2. Love the car, love the name! I want one.

    1. Having a Mini was always a dream of mine. I am really enjoying her!

  3. Oh she is cute! I love the design you chose it is just perfect! :)


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