Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Campout

We Dreamers belong to a camping group of people who all own the same type of motorhome. Now, whether one can call spending time in a 36'-45' home on wheels, with heat and ac, indoor plumbing and at least two TVs "camping" is debatable! But, we do enjoy getting together, sitting around a campfire, catching up and relaxing.
Our most recent trip was somewhat of an exception. We somehow missed the 'sitting around the campfire' bit. Within an hour of our arrival at one of the nearby State parks, the skies opened up. The rain continued for the entirety of our trip.
We did discover that we could seat 16 people in the hosts' motor home! I would have taken a picture, but I couldn't reach into my pocket to get my phone out, since we were wedged in so tightly. (Just kidding... Dreaming simply forgot to take that picture, as always!)
We had plenty of fun things to do. The group visited the Denver Mint and the History Colorado Center. I really liked the emphasis on water conservation at the Center. That is such a crucial aspect of life in this area. The Center had many well thought out hands-on activities that engage kids of all ages.
We also toured Stranahan's Distillery. The tasting at the end was motivation enough to take the free tour, but to be honest, it was very interesting and our guide was knowledgable and entertaining.


  1. How fun to travel with friends and the distillery tour sounds interesting. Like you said, I think of camping as involving tents or even backpacking with a sleeping bag.

  2. I think they call it "glamping " now:)

  3. Well it might not be considered camping, but it's the only way I'd want to go! Or a hotel! I went to the Denver mint years and years ago and thought it was interesting. Did you buy any mint sets?

    Cindy Bee


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