Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mud Bugs

Have you ever seen one of these?

No, it isn’t a tiny volcano!

It is a mud bug chimney. I had never heard the term until we stopped in east Texas. Nor had I seen chimney’s like this. A mud bug is another name for a crayfish, or a crawfish, or a crawdad, or a freshwater lobster. The chimney’s were in a grassy area of the campground. Evidently the water table is pretty close to the surface in this part of the country!


  1. I've never eaten them. I enjoyed catching them when I was a kid, and then helping my boys catch some. We never caught enough to make a meal!

  2. Interesting. Never seen one, but if I do I'll be careful where I walk!

  3. Interesting. Never seen them before. But I do remember visiting a stable near Houston and they had crawdads in their pasture.

  4. That mud bug chimney creeps me out, Dreaming! It's a great story, but creepy crawlies and mud unsettle me. LOL! I love the artistic license you took with the strands of colored wool. You are so creative!


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