Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Leaving the Land of Spanish Moss

We left Fernandina Beach, FL, and turned the motorhome toward the west. But, not before admiring the Live Oak trees heavily draped in Spanish Moss. This is something we certainly don't see now that we live in Colorado!  It is an air plant that gets all of its water from the rain and humid air.

It seems to be a good year for the Spanish Moss,which isn't really a moss, despite it's name. Tendrils of moss could be found hanging almost to the ground. 

 Spanish Moss is an epiphyte. This means that even though it grows on other plants, it is not a parasite. It was even happy 'growing' on our motorhome!
(It really didn't grow there... 
we snagged a low-hanging pieces with the ladder.)


  1. Replies
    1. I do, too. Mr. Dreamy's mom used to take it to New York. It would grow all summer, and the birds loved it. They could find bird's nest easily as the moss grew in the Hudson Valley humidity all summer!

  2. Juneau Alaska has something similar. I think my son called it Goats Beard.

    1. I can believe it. I was surprised to find out how moist Alaska is. Something like this would do well.

  3. I saw your post name in another blog and thought, "I just moved to the land of spanish moss (or moved here in August). Travel safely!

  4. Yes, you are in "the land"! I lived just across the river from Savannah for 34 years. Now, we live part of the year in Colorado, and the rest of the year wherever we park! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. Good to see you are having such a great time.

  6. It is something to see! Headed west...travel safely. Too much of winter is left for you to go home yet:)

  7. Spanish moss evokes the South for me, Dreaming! Loved the photo of Gypsy and Tucker.


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