Friday, February 6, 2015

Gentlemen...Start Your Engines

1928 Rolls Royce

On display at the Florida Carriage Museum
Grand Oaks Resort

20 Steps to Starting the 1928 Rolls Royce

  1. Put Hand Brake on.
  2. Put gear lever in Neutral.
  3. Put Autovac on Petrol.
  4. Put electric on Battery Switch.
  5. Close shutters.
  6. Put starting carburetor on.
  7. Fully close the throttle.
  8. Fully retard spark.
  9. Put mixture control to "strong."
  10. Depress the clutch.
  11. Turn starter over to get oil on lay shaft. This applies only to to the first start of the day. 
  12. Let clutch out.
  13. Turn ignition switch to "MB&C."
  14. Start engine by stepping on the starter button. The starting carburetor will make a sucking sound.
  15. Open throttle some to keep engine running.
  16. Turn starting carburetor off. If engine starts to die, turn starting carburetor a little bit. Be sure starting carburetor is off before proceeding.
  17. Advance spark fully to prevent valves from burning when car is being driven.
  18. Slowly bring mixture control back to center as engine warms up.
  19. Open shutters some when water temperature gets to 70 degrees Celsius.
  20. Get auto in motion in First Gear only after taking hand brake off.

I hope you aren't in a hurry to get anywhere!


  1. However would you remember that all, I would need a cheat sheet:)

  2. I so love an automatic! Thank God I don't have to do all this!


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