Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Scene Along the Road: Truck Stop

I am suffering from cognitive dissonance. 
I ran across this "everyday" object at the truck stop, 
and I didn't know how to use it!

Did I take a wrong turn?
Should I have gone in a different stall?
Was this intended to be a toilet?
…. or not?!

The instructions were hanging on the wall.
I could find buttons for heating, for spraying, for washing and drying.
No where could I find anything about flushing!

Uh oh!


  1. A dollar to a donut, that's Japanese. They love gadgetry.

  2. Hi Tech potty...hope it was a self flush model:)

  3. That's too funny! Boy, truck stop Lottie's have come a long way. When I was a kid, they were absolutely disgusting.

  4. Cognitive dissonance seems to be hitting me a lot in this high tech world of ours. Thanks for the laugh. I've been catching up on your blog, and wine of these days I swear that I'm going to stay caught up! I refuse to believe that old dogs can't learn new tricks! I think my favorite recent photo of yours was Gypsie's mournful look as she sat by her slower feeding bowl! Priceless! And your post on the history of the Ponderosa pine was fascinating. Thanks for the lesson on Google's historical images. I always learn from your posts! I'm sending positive thoughts your Littlest Dreamer's way! Take care!


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