Monday, August 11, 2014

Fat Camp

Hi there! I'm Ladybug - I'm the sassy one, people say. 

But don't you believe them! 
I'm just cute!

I work at the Son and Reins Ranch.
It's hard work!
I help people feel better about themselves.

This year some of us had the opportunity to go to camp. 
Here we are, arriving at camp. 
We sang songs all the way from our home. 

Dreaming offered to host camp for us equines
while our program is on a break.
She said she had too much grass 
and hated to see it go to waste.
But, actually, our owner hopes it goes to waist…

Well, at least the others could stand to put on a few pounds.
I'm just beautiful the way I am!

When we arrived, we ate...
and ate…
and ate some more.
Dreaming thought our jaws might get sore!

When we were let out of the paddock on the second day, 
we didn't even run.
We had to test the grass on this side of the fence.
You know what they say about the grass being greener…
it isn't necessarily so.
Trust me!

After grabbing a mouthful (or three) off we went!

If you look closely…
You'll see that I am still carrying my last mouthful of grass!
I'm never one to miss an opportunity to eat!


What thoughts do you have?

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