Monday, August 25, 2014

From Here to There

This weekend Mr. Dreamy and I spent over 17 hours in a car. Delightful, I'm sure you would agree!
We helped the littlest Dreamer move to Columbus, NE, where he begins a new job today.

We packed up a lot of his stuff…
and some of our old stuff…
and travelled from 

to there.

We drove over hill and dale in Colorado. Then through corn fields… and more corn fields, and even more! Yup, I now understand why Nebraska is the Corn Husker state - they have a lot to husk!

Today I'm thinking of my 'little' boy as he begins this new chapter in his life. I wish all good things come his way!


  1. That's a momentous event. It's tough to let one go, but it's good for them, and you can still be in a supportive role. We help our kids out from time to time if things get tough, it eases our minds and helps them through a period of U.S. history where being a young person is not very easy.

  2. Now you know for sure he was "raised right" and will do just fine.

  3. Best of luck to Little Dreamer.

  4. Best of luck in his new job! Good to get rid of some of your old stuff! :)


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