Thursday, June 5, 2014

See No Evil

Gypsy pretends she is an Ostrich during a recent storm, burying her head under son's bed. She is a great predictor of afternoon storms!


  1. My ferrets always give me warning of an approaching storm. They go down into the lowest level of the house, below ground, and get under the cedar chest.

  2. Very cute! Our dog isn't afraid of storms, but one of our cats is.

  3. How adorable.

    Maggie doesn't look that cute when a storm comes. She whines and wants to be with someone.

  4. Awww. Poor Gypsy. Those thunder boomers are very scare. Bella goes all the way under the bed. But if it is human dinner time, Vonda braves the storm and sits by our table looking like she never gets fed. Priorities, I guess.

  5. Chance hides too...I am thinking of getting him a Thunder Shirt or trying to make one for him:)


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