Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Space Camp

Kaitlyn: I heard Mom and Dad talking as we went down the road. They said we were going to the US Space & Rocket Camp. 

Vickie: How did you manage that? You couldn't hear nuthin'. You were sacked out.

Kaitlyn: Was not. I was only just resting my eyes!

Vickie: Yeah, right. But, when we arrived at the campground (us space and rocket center rv park) I saw that it did have more space between campers than some of the other places we have been to, but I don't know why the people made such a big deal about it.

Kaitlyn: Oh, but it is very special. It is the first camp I've been to that has delectable, yummy pellets all over the place! Free for the picking!

Vickie: You are right about that! Isn't it great?! Better than that sh** we get for meals! I don't know why Mom doesn't want us to eat it. She says it is "rapid pooh". 

Kaitlyn: We are already very fast. Will rapid pooh make us even faster!! Let's find some more!!

Vickie: We took Mom on a walk and we found the gates to Space Camp, not just the campground. The campers were coming in for their Space Camp experience. We came up to the gate and the counselor said, "No, no, no! You can't come in. Dogs aren't allowed." That made me very sad. The kids looked like they were having a good time.

Kaitlyn: That's discrimination, isn't it??!!

Vickie: No, they aren't discriminating against us. We just don't have "reversations", or whatever it is that one needs to go to space camp. 

Kaitlyn: Yeah, and when we took Mom to a building next to the space camp that said "Marriott" they turned us away there, too. We couldn't go in on account of we had no "reversations"! Don't we look sad?!

Vickie: I'm beginning to think this space thing isn't for me. Did you see that big, tall white thing? I didn't want to go near it!

Kaitlyn: That was just a model of a rocket. It's what they use to send things to space. The real deal is behind us. That's cool!

Vickie: I don't even want to look.

Kaitlyn: I think I'd like to be a space dog!

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