Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Pretty Colors to Completed Quilt

Last spring I took it upon myself to help a quilt shop owner who was moving her shop. I decided I should lighten her load by buying some fabric. I had no plans. I just thought the colors were pretty.

In the fall I looked for ideas for quilt blocks using only four colors. I came up with this Jacob's Ladder idea. But, then decided I needed another color... or two! The half square triangles that make up the Jacob's Ladder are too similar in color, and it's difficult to see the pattern. Later I began incorporating other colors.

I knew I wanted to have a center "medallion" set on point. I changed my central blocks, then added some "Flying Geese" around the border, followed by a sashing. I began building the Jacob's Ladder pattern around the medallion.

Of course, I did have some help! Gypsy added her suggestions frequently. 
Tucker would simply barge in to rearrange my blocks. 

This is getting exciting! It is really taking shape now!

Next I added some pieced borders to create the drop for the quilt. Oh, and of course, I had to go shopping for more fabric, several times!

I'm not sure I love the additions. They take quite a departure from the size of the other pieces. But... done is better than perfect, and the colors are bright and refreshing!

The quilt is growing so large that the top of the quilt will not have the last pieced border, as it would not fit on my long arm sewing machine at that length!

I pieced scraps together and made the backing, and then loaded it all on the long arm. 

Now, to quilt it.

I can't wait to have the quilt on our bed. I selected a bamboo blend batting, which I've used once before. The finished quilt should be quite light. Perfect for our Florida home!

It's taken just about a year.
It is finally completed!

A friend of mine just told me that a near-by quilt shop is having a 40% off sale..... 


  1. Excellent choices. It was dangerous for me to walk through a fabric store, but with my stash I am chomping at the bit.

    1. Thanks. The quilt makes me smile every morning when I make our bed. I know what you mean about the fabric stores

  2. That is gorgeous! Talents like yours leave me speechless. So I will repeat: Just gorgeout! Hope you guys are doing well in your lovely Florida home. You must be glad to have settled down in a real house before this virus hit.

    1. Inger, I can't tell you how many times we look at each other and comment how happy we are not to be crammed in a motorhome during these times. Although, we both wish we were on the road and heading your way!

  3. Fun to see the fabric close up with the peacock feathers and dragon flies perfect! Your finished quilt is just beautiful and perfect for any home but I love the thought of it being a Florida quilt! Well done! No go buy more fabric!!

  4. One of our shops is closing. 50% off. I practiced huge restraint and only purchased about 10 yards!


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