Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Last Day on Board

Oh, wow, it's been a long time since I posted... life got busy! 
So, we had one more day on board the Beatrice, and I wanted to share a few pictures of life on board. 

It is all about 



and Friends!

Our "cocktail crowd"
Ranee, Kathy, Jim, Shirley, Scott, Marc and Earl
Sadly, Earl passed away after a major heart attack a month after the cruise.

This was one of my favorite evening entertainers


Seeing the bags lined up is always sad.

But wait...
There's more!

We are on to Prague for a few days before heading home. 


  1. Nothing like going on a cruise with friends and family! Sad that Earl passed so soon.

  2. The food looks good, hope it tasted as good as it looks! Sorry about your friend:(

  3. Yes, sorry about your friend. Good to get an update though. I always get happy when I see a post from you showing up.


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