Thursday, September 13, 2018


We wanted to find a table for our narrow living room. When we were looking at the house the stagers had a long, thin table along the wall. I liked how it balanced the room without taking up too much space.

We wandered into the Berkeley area to a shop that sold slabs from trees. There it was. The perfect piece for our table... it was a 10' long narrow piece with one side left raw, and a straight cut for the back.

The shop planed the slab and we picked it up the next day!

The Mr. worked on sanding it and finishing it. 

Then we hunted for legs. I happened upon this freebie in Chris' neighborhood. It was still there the next morning. We left the glass and took the table.

The legs were removed and installed on the slab. The slab was anchored to the wall.

Voila, Voila 

We have a table!


  1. Dear Dreaming, Ingenious--you dreamed when you were young and it all came true and you just keep doing it! Peace.


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