Saturday, September 9, 2017

Unsettled Anticipation

Hurricane Irma represents a horrific fascination for me. Harvey was the same. I am drawn to watching the progress of the storms. I experience visceral reactions as I watch the plight of people caught up in the dramas brought about by the storms. I believe this intrigue is partially because I lived in coastal SC for 34 years where we experienced more than one close call with storms. It may also be what I call the “rubber-necking” phenomenon where humans seem to be drawn to stare at tragedies, even though we don’t really want to look. And of course, the path of Irma could impact Mr. Dreamy’s family on Amelia Island, many of our friends in SC and Georgia, and…. our property near Labelle, FL and friends who live there and those along the gulf.

No matter which way the storm turns, someone I know loses.

 I’ve often said I’d rather experience a hurricane over tornadoes as there is plenty of warning about the arrival of hurricanes (which often spawn tornadoes, too!). But…. living through days of projections means days of angst.

Hurricanes are driven by highs and lows…
And where Irma lands only time will tell!


  1. I am also glued to the weather channel as we have many friends in Florida.

  2. Those of us here in Florida are of course glued to the weather channel! Up here in St Augustine we have dodged the center of this storm but its huge and there is no safety anywhere in Florida.

  3. Hope all your loved ones down there will be safe.

  4. Irma is a huge storm, the aftermath may not be good at all. My heart goes out to anyone there:(


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