Monday, March 6, 2017


This weekend Grand Oaks had a Hunter/Jumper show. It was great fun to look out from the motorhome and see horses jumping in the arena just down the hill from where we are parked. But of course, being the horse lover that I am I wandered around and took in all of the beautiful horses.

A sweet little red roan heads into one of the arenas.

I loved watching the progression in size of jumps and the abilities of the riders.

There were four arenas, each with different styles of obstacles. 

I got tickled listening to the coaches providing pointers to their young charges.
I wondered if it influenced the judge in the hunter or equitation divisions.

I would catch myself "riding" with the horse in the arena.
I took almost every jump with every rider I watched.

When I showed I almost always did hunters and equitation. I found them
boring to watch. Even though the jumper division didn't go higher than 3' 3"
it was much more exciting.

This guy enjoyed some Gatorade after his jumping round.
This beribboned young rider (as in hair ribbons)
heads back to the stabling area after her round.
Riders don't get their ribbons after their performance.
Winners are announced and they collect their ribbons
at the event office later.
I didn't like that as I couldn't connect names and numbers
to what I had seen in the show ring.
I enjoy wandering through the stabling areas to see the preparation and care
after competing. There were quite a few little obstacles for kids to play with.
Ribbons are proudly displayed on stable banners.

This sweet gray looks totally unphased by the hubbub around him.
I think he is wishing he was out running free in a pasture.
When I awoke this morning, the show was like a dream. The jumps in the arena had all been removed. The horses have all gone back to their own stables. All that is left are my pictures and memories!


  1. Would make me miss riding sooooo bad!

    1. It did! I wanted to get on any one of the horses and jump the course... but I knew that my muscles would probably give out by the third jump.... if I made it that far!!

  2. I love the Gatorade-drinking horse!

    1. He was a sweet horse. Hard to believe he had a 6-hour colic surgery at the end of September!

  3. Looks so much fun!!! Love all your beautiful pictures. The horses look so beautiful:)

    1. They were all groomed to perfection for the show.

  4. Horses are some of the most beautiful animals in the world, even if they scare me I am drawn by their beauty!


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