Friday, April 10, 2015

Not Dreaming

I wish I was dreaming right now. 
I wish the horrendous head cold that I seem to have acquired... 
was only a figment of my imagination.

But no. 
I am stuffed up. 
I am dripping. 
I am hacking. 

My teeth hurt. My eyes ache. I can't breathe.

I am miserable. 
I am anxious to have some energy.

I don't particularly care for air travel:
Being cooped up with strangers....
And germs.

I've flown three times this year.
I have come away with souvenir colds on two of those occasions.



Next time I'm gonna wear a face mask.
I don't care how silly I look.

Better yet....
I'll be the lady in the bubble!

Maybe they'll even give me priority seating.


Heck... they wouldn't even give us peanuts!


  1. I hear of that happening more and more. One gals solution was to bulk up on Vitamin C seems to have worked for her. Around there the crud like you have has lasted at least four weeks sometimes longer. Hope you hubby cooks you some chicken soup:)

    1. Ah, thanks for the encouragement ;-)
      Hubby thinks he is coming down with it now. Uh oh... just two weeks ago he was in the ER with pneumonia!

  2. Join the club. I had a cold like that for a month starting 12/26 and am on round 2 for the past 10 days. Went to the Doctor both times...not the flu. Viral. Here's what I was told. Take Sudafed, give yourself steamers and don't sleep in a flat position. Have done all 3 and for about 4 nights I took one dose of a cough syrup. Also had the feeling my head was going to explode and had coughing fits! What the heck! It's everywhere. Do you know anything about Moondance? I would like to get in touch if you have an email. Hope you recover quickly.

    1. Oh, no! I hope it doesn't last that long!

  3. Oh, gosh! I'm sorry I hope you are better soon. Yay for the coming baby!


    1. Yes, a Grandbaby is a good thing, for sure! I can't wait!

  4. First congrats on your upcoming Grandbaby. Second is you use wax warmers (Scentsys), rather than scented wax do a dollop Vicks vapor rub. Really helps unplug you, especially for sleep. Get better soon.

    1. Mmmmm, I'd love that. Mr. Dreamy would object - maybe I need to sleep in the guest room!!!

  5. Those are the kind of gifts you wish you could leave on the plane!


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