Monday, March 10, 2014

Finding Family

Mr. Dreamy has been digging up his family roots, and mine, for more than a few years. He has used numerous resources to put together the pieces of the family puzzle.  

We even had the opportunity to visit the Family History Library at Salt Lake City a few years back. 

While we have been on the road we’ve also had the opportunity to visit some family members here and there, in person! It is such fun to connect!

In July we met Craig, who is an "Internet Cousin".  Mr. Dreamy and Craig share an ancestor 5 generations back, and have been sharing notes on the Internet for years. Here, they finally get to meet face to face.

We had lunch with Mr. Dreamy’s cousin, Carol, and her hubby, John, while we were in San Antonio.

And, most recently we had a visit with Shirley, a second cousin... or a first cousin, once removed, or something like that. Shirley's mother was Mr. Dreamy's dad's niece. Got it?

Trying to figure out the connections hurts my head!  
I'm so glad that Shirley brought us some hand painted wine glasses....

Thanks, Shirley, we wined last night!


  1. Now you got me going!!! Shirley's mom and Mr. Dreamy were cousins, right? I have never been able to figure out what a second cousin is, much less any cousin once removed. From what, removed, I always wonder. Glad though that you are doing this. I did in 2001 when I visited my Mom's grandparent's place in Sweden.

  2. It is so much fun to trace down family connections! I'm glad that Mr. Dreamy has something so engaging to do for a hobby. How neat to meet someone you share a connection with five generations back! Safe travels!

  3. You can never have too many friend or cousins and genealogy is a wonderful hobby! :)


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