Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Save It For A Rainy Day

I like rainy days. I would like to have one right now! Not only do we need (desperately need) the moisture, but I have a ton of 'rainy day' things to do! I was reminded about how nice it is to have a rainy day when Lori, author of Skoog Farm Journal, put up a post about a rainy day in her neck of the woods a few weeks ago. Lori's post got me thinking about my rainy day list. Here's just the beginning of that list:
  • Paint the kitchen chairs - my mother painted two of them about 50 years ago! She never got around to the other two. I'd like to redo all of them.
  • Create a pattern for a stained glass window for our bathroom and then complete the project.
  • Finish the dining room chairs. Three years ago I stripped 6 antique dining room chairs. I think it is about time that I finish that project!
  • Read a good book...or two!
  • Sew curtains and valences for some of our windows.
  • Clean harnesses and other tack.
  • Watch a movie...or two!
  • Go shopping for a kitchen table - I'd like to stop by resale shops, antique shops and thrift stores to find the perfect kitchen table (to go with my newly painted chairs!)
  • Sort through my clothes and reorganize my closet.
  • Sew duvets for two comforters, as well as a dust ruffle for the master bedroom. 
  • Organize the boxes and furniture in the basement - allowing me to set up a craft and sewing area. (sounds like that needs to be number one on the list!)
Hmmm, sounds like I need a month of rainy days!

What would you like to do on a rainy day?


  1. It sounds like you need a rainy week!! It is sprinkling here in Michigan right now, but I am hoping it stops so I can go out to the barn later. You are quite the handy lady!!
    If I had a rainy day, I would stay in, read a good book (any suggestions?) and watch movies with the husband while cuddling with my dogs :)

  2. You keep wishing for rain and I'll do the opposite :) For a while anyway.

  3. Clean house, though, when it's raining, I usually seem to find some kind of excuse to avoid doing a really thorough job.

  4. I'd like to relax and read a good book.
    Terry at Moondance

  5. You have an ambitious rainy day list. I like it. My rainy day list (if it rained on a Saturday and I didn't have to go to work) would include a nap a movie and a book. Maybe some laundry going on in the background while I watch the movie and read the book...but not during my nap. I want only the sound of rain during my nap.


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  7. We are terribly dry here too. I noticed last night on the news (right before they zoomed in on Texas) that the dark red [intense drought] areas covered us as well *sigh*. Since my ToDo list is 57.3 miles long, I'd probably just stick with it.

    As far as your list goes? Well I'd start in the basement first, of course; gotta have that crafty area girl! ;o)


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