Saturday, February 3, 2018

Under the Presser Foot

I have been sewing with other women at the crafts building, and I do some sewing on the motorhome.  This week I completed two projects. Hooray! Completed projects are always nice.

First, I finished a small quilt top with a pattern I bought over 2 years ago! Whenever I stop by a quilt shop I feel I must buy something. I like to support the small guy. So when we were in Ozark, AL on our way to or from Red Bay, AL for service on our coach I stopped by the Front Porch Quilt Shoppe. I picked up the Fancy Forest quilt pattern by Elizabeth Hartman and tucked it away. While packing for the move I came across the pattern and decided it would be a great gift for one or the other of my grand children. The pattern is deceiving. It was much easier to construct than I thought it would be. (Apologies for the lousy color. The lights in the craft building do funny things to colors.)

 In progress:


I will be taking the quilt top to California when we go back so I can quilt it there. I'll have to do some thinking about how I want to quilt it!

I led a "Mystery Quilt" for ladies at our resort. For three weeks I gave out instructions for part of the quilt, which could be used to make two pillows or a table topper. This is my finished version:

As I completed the plans for the quilt I had reservations about the color of the sashing I was suggesting the ladies use. The sashing cuts the pillows into quarters, meeting at the middle. I used the same background color as I had used in the blocks. Once I assembled my pieces I rather liked the way it turned out. However, one of the ladies used a dark background and sashing and the effect was totally different.  I'm not so much of a fan of the way her pieces look. We decided that her design could be called the Dollar Sign pattern!! If I ever do this pattern again I will reconsider the colors for the sashing pieces!


  1. You are so talented. I wanted to tell you that I now have your drawings of Samson and Faith on my mantle. I took down all the pictures of my dogs and put the two of them up there. I love them and love your thoughtfulness even more.

  2. Really cute quilt top, children will like the animals! Picking colors for a quilt is really hard sometimes, I like yours better than the dark colors:)

  3. That quilt is gorgeous! And I am very impressed with all that you are doing during the week! Quite a schedule! You must love having the boat.

  4. Dear Dreaming, I so like that children's quilt. It's quite lovely and playful. Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful craft quilting is to be creating beauty with pieces of material. Peace.


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