Monday, August 29, 2011

Spot the Differences

Since "Spot the Difference" games seem to be popular now a-days, and since so many people ask, "How do you tell the horses apart?" I thought I'd make a game out of it for y'all.

So... other than leg and body position, can you spot the differences? 



                     Doc                               Pippin








How many differences did you find?

Here are the ones I noticed:

1. Mane is longer
2. Mane is straighter
3. Ears are smaller
4. Forelock is straight
5. Blaze is wider
6. Green halter
7. Tail looks wavier
8. Tail is not as white
9. Eyes are more deeply set    
10. Tail looks thicker
11. Gold color looks a bit darker
12. Bridle path needs trimming          
13. Has a double mane (both sides of neck)
14. Forelock is longer
15. Forelock is wavy
16. Thicker body
17. Rump is rounder
18. Blue halter
19. White on muzzle is thinner  
20. Head is bigger
21. Face is wider
22. Mane & tail are whiter - but
only because I just washed them!!

Did you spot some differences that I missed? 

Oh, and did you notice that Doc was wearing a pretty blue halter? Could it be the one that Gail was trying to find At the Farm?! No, Doc didn't take Magic's blue halter. Gail will have to continue to look for it!

Other differences that only a 'mom' would know include:
  • Pippin is the chow hound. He loves food and is always looking for a treat.
  • Doc loves to be rubbed and cuddled. He will stand all day if you rub his cheeks or under his chin.
  • Pippin does not, can not and will not stand still!  He is like a child with ADHD.
  • Pippin is usually the first to come up to me in pasture - perhaps that's because of the first comment... and maybe the third comment!
  • Doc is usually the first to whinny at me in the morning.
  • Doc prefers not to get into the trailer.
  • Pippin has no problem getting into the trailer, but prefers not to back out!
  • Pippin often has scrapes and small cuts from being kicked and bitten.
  • Doc gets tired of Pippin's silliness and pushiness and lets him have it!
We often call the boys 'Tweedle-Dum' and 'Tweedle-Dee'; or Frick and Frack. Where one is, you can usually find the other. Despite minor altercations, they seem to be best buddies and usually are found side by side. 


  1. I spotted quite a few of the differences,1,3,5,6,7,10, and 11 on Pippin, and 4,5,6, and 7 on Doc. Also, Doc is lighter colored above his hocks and looks to be a little deeper bodied than Pippin.
    Either way, they are pretty boys.

  2. The first thing that I noticed was that Doc was a good deal stockier then Pippen is. Then I forgot to check and just focused on how beautiful they both are, with those big, kind eyes.

  3. I didn't have time to look very long - but their blazes are different and Doc is more muscular/larger in the barrel.
    Love them - they are both gorgeous!!!

  4. Camryn here:
    I don't care what the differances are. I think they are both terribly handsome. Either can come play with me. Since both are gedlings I guess we can only play!!!

  5. My Blue Halter!!!!!! How did it get there??

    I can see lots of differences...they are Haflingers and do have similiar looks...both fantastically handsome.

  6. Two beautiful and different boys.
    Terry at Moondance

  7. haha very much fun indeed! i really liked the stuff that only mommy knows!!!

    Mommies knows best!

    And i thought your policemen were "allowed" to be a bit rude.... if they had to go to that funeral... but mine... NO WAY! haha

  8. All I could notice that was obvious was the thickness/thinness of the blazes. Everything else is so subtle and such minor differences that it's impossible for me to see unless maybe I was there in person.

    They are both the cutest haffies, though.


  9. I love your horses! They are beautiful! They definitely are different and I bet there personalities are just as different! I have a Halfinger mare and she is a blast! It is nice to find another blog with Haflingers!


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