Monday, August 8, 2011

Line Line Everywhere a Line

We avoided the line to get off the Interstate somehow; a stroke of luck, or perhaps a line didn't form coming from the south, only for those poor souls coming from the north. 

But shortly we were funneled into a line to turn right. We followed all of the cars traveling in the line. Orange cones and markers forced us into the correct lane. Barriers kept us from choosing alternative routes. Traffic 'police' waved us on. Car after car after car.  Two lanes wide. All headed in the same direction. Two lines over  a mile in length. 

We followed the line of traffic into a parking structure. We were directed to a parking place.
It was all done with precision. Everything moved rather quickly. Obviously this procedure has been well rehearsed and practiced. 

We expected a line at the entrance, but didn't expect it to zig-zag 
back and forth, 
back and forth, 
following lanes cordoned off with yellow polystyrene rope.

We were pulled out of the line and were told 
to enter by a different door.
(Did we look that old and tired?)
Behold, there was yet another line.
One for the elevator instead of the escalator. 

We are not going to an amusement park 
or opening night at the ball park
or to a concert.
We are in a line to shop at Ikea.

A Denver store has just opened and evidently it is THE thing to do on a hot summer day!
(We needed a day off - neither one of us cared to lift a finger to do anything!)

We travel through the departments, 
basically in a mass of moving shoppers.
Another line! We shuffle along,  taking a brief look at furniture, 
kitchens, closets and accessories, office fixtures, bookcases...


That's what we came to see.
We came. We saw. We will buy, some other day!

How stupid for not bringing the truck. 
What were we thinking?
Obviously... we were not!

 Now, back in line again for lunch. Yes. I want Swedish meatballs!

Nope, they are not as good as mom's.
But, they are tasty.

Ikea does a wonderful job of forcing you to move back and forth through various departments as you progress through the store. Since there were so many shoppers, we were forced to saunter along in line, which means we had more time to consider a spur-of-the-moment purchase here and there.... and once it was in our hands, it was very hard to fight 'upstream' in the line if we changed our mind about the item.
Well, I did see lots of misplaced items rejected by other shoppers who must have had second thoughts!

The check out line was minimal and moved very quickly. The store has many trained personnel from other stores to help out with the opening rush.  As we exit, by way of a sloping moving sidewalk, we are in yet another line! I bet the store wishes they had exit lines every day of every year!

Then it's out to the garage.
Back in line with our car, as we creep out of the parking garage.
We follow the line of cars that wind through the garage and then through the neighboring streets
until the congestion is finally relieved a few miles from the store.

What a "Funday" we had!


  1. I wondered what the new store opening would look like. You got the lines and the real store...I got the visit through YOU!


  2. Thanks for the trip, I have never been in an Ikea store..not so sure I want to either, looks like lots of people to me:)

  3. Oh, I could not have endured that crowd!!

    I would check on line, they'll bring it to your door. No lines, except for the one you sign on.

  4. No Ikeas around here, and I think I'm grateful.

  5. There is an Ikea here in Cincinnati. I figured out where the "backdoor" is into the warehouse so I can skip the displays and get right to shopping!

  6. Your shopping trip sounds as if it were great fun --- NOT! With Lowes, Home Depot, Target, & the ever-present Walmart, we do NOT need IKEA here!



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