Sunday, October 16, 2022

We Lost our Gypsy Girl

 Gypsy passed away peacefully with both of us Dreamers by her side, stroking her and telling her what a great girl she is. We had noticed that she was slowing down over the past few weeks, lagging behind when we walked and struggling getting down and up. We chalked it up to age and arthritis, as she was anywhere between 12 and 14 years old. Wednesday her breaths came faster and she could barely walk. Apparently she was experiencing congestive heart failure. 

Reflecting back on her life with us,  she certainly lived a full and exciting life and most definitely lived up to her name!

Gypsy on July 11 2012, in Parker Colorado - our first day together (The Shelty belonged to Gypsy's Foster Mom). We adopted Gypsy from the Wyoming Aussie Rescue Society. They thought she was an Aussie who hadn't had her tail bobbed, but we soon realized, she had to be a Border Collie based on her very typical BC behaviors when "herding". 

In Oakland, California in May, 2022

Hiding from a thunder storm in Parker, CO 2013

Gypsy's way of getting some love - in our trailer as we traveled in 2018

On the shores of Lake Superior, June 2022. Neither Gypsy, nor Tucker were water dogs. I'm actually thankful as cleaning up two hairy, wet, sandy dogs would not be fun, especially in an RV 

Gypsy loved nothing better than rolling in the grass and scratching her back

Besides calling her Gypsy, Gypsy Doodle Bug, and Gypples, I often referred to her as my "Ground Hound" She would investigate EVERYTHING she found on the ground, and if it was edible, she'd scarf it up, never breaking stride! Here she is investigating a tarantula in Texas.    

Rest in deserved peace, sweet girl.


  1. Your Gypsy had a good life full of love and had to be one of the most traveled dogs in history. A great loss. Peace.

  2. My sympathy to you both and to Tucker too as I bet he misses her. I recall when you got her back in the house in Colorado. She had such a good life with you! Rest in peace sweet girl.

  3. It is so painful to lose these sweet souls who are the dearest of companions through thick and through thin…I remind myself every time one’s life ends that the great sadness I feel is the natural consequence of years of loving and being loved by them…and how fortunate I am to have had them on my journey.


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