Wednesday, August 15, 2018

When She is Good

I am enjoying (most of the time) my grandchildren. Alexis turned three in June and Kellan is almost 10 months old. The kids live about 12 miles from us, but traffic turns that into 30 minutes, or more, of travel time.

Alexis goes to preschool programs in the morning 4 days a week. She comes home for lunch, quiet time and then an afternoon of doing whatever toddlers like to do. She stays home on Thursdays, and I have been helping Holly, the other grandmother, with kid care then. I also get to have Kellan on my own for a few hours on most Fridays.

Alexis fails at quiet time. She fails at napping. She even struggles with sleeping at night. Nona Holly and I often wonder what escapades Alexis will have when she is supposed to be quiet or napping. And, in hindsight, it is when she is quiet that she is up to something! Like... the time I came into her room to find all of the bedding removed from her bed... and the mattress moved off as well!

Here are a few more scenes from the summer:

They really need to get a dog!
Clean up would be so much easier!

Alexis is not ready for a car of any size! 
She couldn't quite coordinate pushing the "gas" pedal, AND steering!

Who needs a TV?

We took a break from scooter riding to pose on a funny bike!

Kellan is a sleeper!

Helping Grammy bake is the best!

I can handle this part of baby-sitting!

At the Botanic Gardens

Captured... by the camera, at least.

At the dog beach

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