Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I spent a few days at Bryce Canyon. We Dreamers had visited last spring... in the snow! This time we were with a caravan of RV's. The highlight of the trip was a ride down into the canyon. The rim-side stable had numerous horses and mules. I rode Casper. I was tickled by how responsive the horses and mules were to the wrangler's whistles... but not, so much, our efforts to have them pick up the pace!

Loved the "East-West" ears!

Louise gets a boost up on her mule.

We begin the trek down,

and quickly begin some switchbacks,

heading down,

And, down some more!

The spires, called "Hoodoos" are beautiful.

This one stood all alone.

It's beautiful in pictures,
magnificent in person.

We walk across the ridge of broken down sandstone.

The views are stunning.

We begin the trek back up to the rim.

Climbing amongst the hoodoos.

The Wrangler keeps his eye on us.


  1. I wanted to do this so badly. Unfortunately when I was there the super hot heat of two summers ago changed our mind. Thanks for allowing me to trek with you.

  2. Wow! These photos are fabulous!!!!

  3. Holy COW what a cool place! You'll probably have enough inspiration to paint for the next 50 years based on those photos ;o)


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