Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Eight Weeks

Our sweet granddaughter is 8 weeks old. This momentous occasion was not marked with much fanfare. No Birthday cake. No presents. Just us. I felt lucky to have the opportunity to visit the kids and hold their sweet little girl.

We ventured to San Francisco on Thursday, and spent the weekend tiling the kitchen backsplash. The kids will need to do the grouting, as the tile needed extra time to set. Awww, too bad. Gosh darn it... I love grouting......
(actually, I do!!)

The "Before" shot of the kitchen.
A "During" shot of the project, and a closeup of the not so fun to set tile.
Z tries her hand at putting mastic on the wall.
She's a whiz at it. It's in the genes.
Z's Grandfather and Great Grandfather were both masons!

The only way to get the tiles into the corner is...
 to get in the corner.
Our son is flexible enough to do this with ease!
Ta da!
The project is complete. (Well, almost!)
Let's have friends over for dinner!
In between setting tiles, and resetting those that decided not to stick, we had our share of time with sweet little baby. She is beginning to spend more awake time checking out her environment. She is just beginning to make some cooing sounds.

She waves her arms and legs, but hasn't quite figured out how to connect with or hold a toy.

And she spends some time fussing. OK, babies fuss. How else are they gonna tell us they are cold, or wet, or hot, or hungry, or just plain tired! Our little BaBa seems to kick up a fuss when she is trying oh, so, hard, not to fall asleep!




One evening we even let her parents go out to dinner all by themselves! Our son provided us with detailed instructions....

Doesn't he get it? We were parents once upon a time!
We managed to take care of him just fine!

We played with her.
And put her down to nap.
And picked her up when she cried.
And fed her.


We put her down to play.
We picked her up.
We bathed her.

And fed her again.

Mom and Dad walked in after having a nice meal, all by themselves.
All was quiet.
All was fine.
I'm not sure who enjoyed the evening more....


  1. What a wonderful grand girl time! They are so special.

    I love the back splash, too.

  2. She is a beauty! So glad you got to spend some time with her! That tile is beautiful...well done! :)


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