Sunday, February 28, 2010

Doc's Diatribe

I was told that I needed to write something to introduce myself to y'all. Personally, I think it's a bit silly! I'm Doc, Meriadoc to be precise, although I'm not really fond of that name - or the Lord of the Rings nickname of Merry. What a ridiculous name for a guy, and I like to think that I am the man around here! I am a 9 year-old Haflinger. I was the selling point for our team. Pippin (the little pip-squeak) and I were sold together. We were originally in Indiana working on an Amish farm. Some folks say that I whine a bit too much, but I'm not complaining now - my new life is ever so much easier. I do get to spend a good part of my day lounging around in my paddock and pasture - here I am enjoying a wonderful summer morning Oh, when will we have another glorious day like this again? I just can't tell you how much I enjoy a good sun bath! Will the snow never end? We had an inch today and more is predicted later in the week. When it snows it usually blows and when it blows the snow finds it's way into my stall, even with a 10' porch. What a mess that makes! I really like to keep my stall nice and tidy and between the snow and the wind, the shavings get all nasty. It's been so cold recently that there are frozen poop piles in my paddock - yuck! Then when it warms up, I have mud surrounding the still frozen piles (isn't it amazing how great an insulator poop is?)! I have to be careful where I step. Well, back to me; Occasionally I am asked to pull a small cart or to take my owner for a ride. I don't want to let on that I really enjoy trail rides, but the arena work is for the birds. I don't like to bend around circles. I don't like to trot faster. I don't like to canter....well, maybe when I'm on a trail or galloping across my pasture - now, that's a different story! Oh bother, I think I see her coming with a halter....

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  1. It's very nice to meet you Doc! I too am dreaming about warm spring evenings and summer daze!


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