Thursday, August 4, 2011

From Stem to Stern


And... you have a problem with something because......?
What do you expect me to do in a mud paddock?
If you left me out in pasture this woulda never have happened!

to stern....


  1. Funny...and an appropriate pic for me as I'm a little behind in blogging....ha haa haa...I know that was bad. I'm tired, it's late, and I'm baking a cake when I should be sleeping.

    Num num num...all that food. But seriously, that sure isn't a Hoosier's not BIG enough!

    Cindy Bee

  2. Still handsome covered in mud. Looks like your are getting lots of rain too.

  3. Not so bad considering!!! Did you take the hint?

  4. Gosh, they even wear their mud gracefully.

  5. Wonderful, must mean you had some rain. They do love to roll here if they get a chance.

    Regarding your comment: I hope the butterfly is an omen of good things to come...we could use it.


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