Monday, May 30, 2016

Flag Day

We enjoyed a sunny morning on Memorial Day. The flag came out to honor all of those who have served to protect our freedoms.

"Flags" of a different color also waved and nodded in the gentle wind. Although these aren't really "flag" iris, they are beautiful. But wait, what is the deep, dark purple iris doing in the middle of the yellow and white iris? We seem to have a rose among thorns!

This iris bed is one of several we have on the property. Since we moved in and began to water, the iris have proliferated. In 2014 I dug up this bed (and wrote about it). I exchanged iris tubers with Gail, "At the Farm". Is this one of her's? How strange to see this iris pop up amidst the existing yellow and white iris. Regardless, it is gorgeous. I will enjoy watching the blossoms over the next week. 


  1. Your Iris blooms are spectacular (especially the little renegade ;o) I'm still on the digging up part of my gardening, though I'm definitely making some headway.

    Just had a friend give me some bulbs; I'm pretty sure they are Amaryllis judging by the leaves, since there are no blooms. Never tried planting bulbs before, so it's a new experience.

  2. I am so far behind with my gardening. I have a growing collection of flowers and vegetables sitting on the back porch waiting to be planted. Maybe tomorrow!!
    Good luck with the bulbs. I used to plant my Amaryllis after the blossomed inside at Christmas. They did blossom again!


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