Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This is my life...

I have several friends who write/post photo essays of their lives. I really enjoy visiting their blogs. I decided to create my own photo essay....

My day begins with letting the dogs out....

and in...

I make coffee,
(if you use a Keurig... can one say they "make" coffee?!!)

and feed the beasts...
and let them out...

and in...

... and make breakfast for Mr. Dreamy.
(OK... so the double yolked egg was discovered a long time ago
and I never had a chance to use the photo until now!)
But, I did make him a fried egg, over easy...

I grab my breakfast and head out the door.

 I love the view from my house.
Especially yesterday morning, with the clouds between 
the mountains and me... and sun on the snow-covered peaks.
(Why is it that they look closer in real life?!)

Many days we have blue skies, 
(It is reported that CO has over 300 sunny days a year)
so the clouds are always welcome for their ever-changing beauty.

On my way through town,
I see that the trees are being strung with lights.

In the 2 hours I was gone the town worker guys
had swapped out bales of straw, corn stalks and pumpkins
for garlands on the lamps with red bows,
and lights in the trees.
(Darn... I should have taken before and after pictures.)

I was on my way to play pickleball...

Yesterday morning was not quite routine...

I got hit in the face with a ball....
and broke my glasses (again)!
At least this time I didn't need stitches!

Then, after a brief stop at home for lunch,

So, here is where I begin continue to fail with my photo essay...
I forgot to take yummy pictures of our lunch!

I made my way to therapeutic riding.

This is Grace. 
My favorite Shire/Thoroughbred cross.
(Shhh... don't tell her that she is the only S/T cross at the barn.)
Photo essay failure...
Grace's student cancelled, so I didn't get to show her in action.

But, I did get to take her boyfriend, Toby, for a walk.
Toby rules the paddock and keeps all of the other 
geldings away from Grace.
They make quite a pair!

Toby needs to be exercised to keep his hind legs supple.

Here a visitor admires Harley...

I tacked Harley up and led him for the next class.

Photo essay failure...

I didn't take any pictures of Harley decked out in his surcingle...
nor pictures during the class...
or on the trail...
or pictures of the student having a melt down...
that would have been really cute!

Failure begets failure....

I neglected to take any more pictures...

None of the dogs going in and out...
None of their lovely dinner...
No pictures of my lovely dinner...

It is really hard to create a photo essay.
I guess I'm not up to it!
I don't seem to have the "stick-to-itiveness"!


  1. Pickleball?Never heard of it.
    Nice to see the Therapeutic horses, I think most of them really enjoy their job, at least the ones here do. They don't have to work too hard and get excellent care!

  2. Our friend Lori does the best, most incredible, fantastic photo essays of her daily life. None of us will ever match up to that. But I did enjoy this, particularly your documentation of the dogs' ins and outs. I'm so familiar with that part. Pickleball!? I remember you writing about it, but it sound a bit dangerous.

  3. I sometimes feel that my lot in life is to provide door service to my 3 dogs. :-) You are busy! My brother-in-law plays Pickleball every morning, whether he's in Canada or wintering in Arizona. Loves it!

  4. Well...youn got some pictures so it wasn't a failure by any means. I always find it interesting to see what other people do..even without pictures. I can relate to the in and out :)

  5. Pickleball? Of course I'll have to go to Google and learn about it! I don't think you failed at all, this was just perfect! These things are what and how ever a person makes them. If you like them, as I do, we like them no matter what. I'd say you did perfect, and where there wasn't a photo that you may have wanted, just the way you described the autumn trinkets they took down, I had all their visions in my head! Bravo, I'll be looking for more of these. Oh, and my day begins with taking my dogs out too!

  6. I like your day... except for the hit-in-the-face part... or was that a face plant again? ANYHOW - GOOD DAY!

  7. Nice post! I don't think you are lacking "stick-to-itiveness" I think you are busy with "living-in-itness". Sorry about the glasses! Maybe it's time to look into some type of a safety pair/goggles? Who cares what they look like, you need to see - and protect those precious eyes!!


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