Tuesday, April 24, 2012

15 Minutes in the Life of a Horse

Are you ready, Doc?
Today is the day!
Today we will move this gate away.

The gate is open very wide.
I'll push with my foot
And move you to the side.

To the side, I say,
Move right over left.
You can do it.
You are the best!

I knew you could do it!
The gate's shut at last.
You did it perfectly,
Even though you weren't fast!


  1. Way to go Doc!!! I'm impressed and I don't impress easily. 'Just sayin'......

    Have a beautifully blessed day my friend!!! :o)

  2. Good boy Doc. Don't worry, Pippi thinks gates eat horses sometimes too.(:

  3. No more getting off to close gates!


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