Monday, April 2, 2012


One hundred. 

It's a great number. 

The word comes from Old English 'hundred', which in turn came from Proto-Germanic 'hundaradan'. And, someplace I read that 'hundaradan' means 'counting of one hundred'. 

100 is a milestone. When my children learned to count, reaching 100 was cause for celebration. 100, uttered with finality and a huge, proud sigh!

My boys' teachers used to celebrate the 100th day of school by encouraging the students to bring in 100 things. We used to have such fun finding unusual items to count and carry to school. One year it was drops of water. Another time we took in 100 pine cones - I liked that one... it got them off my lawn! 

As a teacher 100 could be a grade, too. As a student I loved to have a paper come back with 100 on it... in red! 

According to Wikipedia, 100 is:

  • the sum of the first nine prime numbers, as well as the sum of four pairs of prime numbers (47 + 53, 17 + 83, 3 + 97, 41 + 59), and the sum of the cubes of the first four integers (100 = 13 + 23 + 33 + 43). Also, 26 + 62 = 100.
  • the number of yards in a football field
  • the exact number of prime numbers whose digits are in strictly ascending order. (e.g. 239, 2357 etc.)
  • the number of tiles in a standard Scrabble set in most languages.
  • the number of US Senators.
  • the number of blessings a religious Jew is supposed to utter each day.
  • the title of a war fought between the Kingdoms of France and England between 1337 and 1453.... a bit more than 100 years!
  • the minimum distance in yards for a Par 3 gold course.
  • how many acres the woods were for Winnie the Pooh.
  • hekaton in Greek and tien ten in Old English.
  • the number of bottles on the wall in the song we used to sing as kids.

My father hopes to celebrate his 100th birthday! I hope so, too!

I have my 100th follower! That's another milestone!

Welcome to Kim. She writes "Millie's Mats". Kim and I have rug hooking in common. We also have a parent with Alzheimer's in common. I'm so glad you are following along!

What does 100 mean to you?


  1. That's a big one! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats on your 100th follower!! When I think of 100, I think of history....100 years ago, a century...that sort of thing.


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