Monday, March 19, 2012

Take a Seat

D'ya mind if I have a seat...
And watch TV with y'all?

Not at all, Tucker. Make yourself right at home!

I suppose you would also like a drink?
Something to snack on?


  1. Tucker is no dummy. What kind of snacks did he order?

  2. Oh wow! Carlie Jean does the exact same thing (from shorter perches of course) and I'm so glad to see she's not the only odd ball in the world of canines! Isn't it a hoot when they do that?

  3. What a cutie, it's just the right size for him!!

  4. Cute. Looks like that "seat" swivels so he can get a good view of everything.

  5. Ahem. It's a bit rude to stare,y'know...


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