Saturday, February 18, 2012




Ha! In my dreams!

But... Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus 'prompt' is to write our autobiography in six words.

You have got to be kidding!
Here is my 'mini' life story:

Born in Buffalo, (l)earned to live!

OK, so I sorta cheated.... if you figured out the learned/earned bit. But I loved that it could be read two ways and still be an integral part of my 'autobiography'!

Click on the image to hop to Jenny's page to see other responses.

If you are having trouble leaving comments, Jenny suggested we try email. It will be interesting to see how many people are struggling with comments (not including those that are hitting the 'word verification' roadblock - which I wrote a rant about here... in case you missed it!). My email is: i t e a c h    at    cp    ride       dot    net.   (no spaces)


  1. Got it! Good one!

    (I kind of, semi-sort of, cheated, too...shhhh)

  2. Oh yeah, I sooooo like it! I certainly
    (l)earned from it! ;)

  3. Clever. And I think it was a fair cheat.


  4. love it. I thought it was cool to have to use so few words.

  5. Hahaha! Very clever, that learned and earned! I got it!!

  6. You area a smart cookie. You packed a lifetime in those 6 words.

  7. love the earned learned bit!

  8. I do like it, earned and learned.

  9. I love the learned/earned. What a clever way to double the interpretations of this. I really loved this challenge. You totally rocked it!


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