Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hay, Doc,
What does ornamental mean?

As in ornery and daffy?
Like you?

Watch the name calling, buddy!
I said 'ornamental'

Oh, sorry, I couldn't hear you 
with the flies buzzing around my ears.
Ornamental means something that's 
pretty to look at. It's decoration.

Why would my Mrs. Owner consider
grass to be something to look at?
Doesn't she know it's something to eat?

Blue Fescue Grass... after Pippin

What it looked like... before Pippin!


  1. LOL! We had one of those BIG ones. We call it monkey grass here. The thing was HUGE. Poco and Jaz took it down to a crewcut. Mr. Fry finally ripped it out because they were trampling all over the Malibu lights trying to get at it.

  2. Camryn here: Does that stuff taste good? We have some too. Mmmmm, maybe I should check the yard gate more often for yard access!!!

  3. Ohhhh, Pippin. You really did a good job. But, it's ok because you're more ornamental than any old grass.

  4. But he was just pruning it for you... you know, so it could come in thicker so there'd be more to prune....

  5. They may eat that, next time they escape!

  6. The ornamental grass is really pretty, maybe for Pippin it is pretty tasty:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  7. If it makes you feel any better, DH took the fence off my rose garden (big beautiful circular one in the front yard). He was adamant that the girls would NOT eat my rosebushes (I said they would - we argued, he won).
    20 minutes later Jen is lamenting the loss of every single bloom on her ten - formerly lovely - rosebushes). *sigh*
    Kinda like ginormous walking weed eaters, aren't they?

  8. lol! I bet he wouldn't think ornamental tall pampas grass was as yummy, what with it's saw tooth leaves and all.


  9. Lisa, Pippin is the 'Mikey' of the horse world. He'd probably eat that, too!

    Euthymic - thanks for stopping by AND for teaching me a new word! Never had heard 'euthymic' before!

    Laughing at all of the other's experiences with horses eating or-ner-mentals!

    Louise - you are always to kind in taking Pippin's side!

  10. Haha pippin sure had its way with it!

    haha and thanks for the new word lesson!


  11. Oh Pippin! At least he left some of it to grow back.

  12. He trimmed those very nicely. Look at the slope of trim, the perfect length left for future least you didn't get an outrageous gardening fee bill from him, he's quite the talented grass trimmer! :)

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