Thursday, August 18, 2011


Yesterday I cleaned the hay area of the old barn. I lifted up pallets and pulled hay chaff out. I raked hay and chaff into piles. I stuffed 6 large garbage bags with hay... and chaff... and dirt.

I made a discovery...

The allergies that used to cripple me as a teen are still there, lurking below the surface, waiting for allergen overload! My lymphocytes did a marvelous job of detecting foreign bodies. OK, so they know hay... and dust.... intimately! They see it every day. But with the numbers they were encountering they must have figured that things had gone haywire and that their little world was under invasion by little microsopic terrorists.  Red Alert! Call out the National Guard. Call out the Marines. Call out the Army.




Call out every able-bodied white cell. Heck... better make more. Sirens are blaring in my body. Messages are moving swiftly through my blood stream. Crank up the factories. Get those Immunoglobulens coming. We need them badly and we need them now. We need more... and more... and more. 

Quick! Attack! Kill the enemy! Show no mercy!

My body won the battle over the terorrist hay and dust particles ... at my expense.

I hab neber been tho mitherable in by life!


  1. Oh no! I don't usually have allergies, but I think they are starting to develop as I get older. What's up with that?!

  2. Next time...wear a mask. And goggles. And drink lots of water. Or send someone else to do it!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Oh, Cindy, how I wish I could send someone else. Are you willing to help?!!

  4. Been there done that. Feel for you big time

  5. Ok i had to chuckle first...
    And now: Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! That doesn't sound like fun!

    I had never heard of the IJAR rule! but that sounds about right (pun intended) and YES I WOULD LOVE that hug! maybe sometime???? you never know.

    Thank you again for your sweet comment they are so much appreciated and make me want to fight even more!

  6. Sorry that you are so miserable. Next time, let Scott do the "dirty" work.


  7. lol! Poor you, but the cartoons and words cracked me up.


  8. Great toons! I felt your pain! Red swollen eyes, itchy nose and throat - oh my! Hope your army has now completely obliterated the intruders!


  9. I feel your pain. But I don't get super stuffed up. I end up coughing all night long.

  10. I feel your pain. But I don't get super stuffed up. I end up coughing all night long.


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