Sunday, August 21, 2011

Diary of a Huntress

6:30 PM  The lady who brings the yummy food in the metal bowl ran down to the barn, grabbed the horses' food, fed the horses and left. She didn't bring yummy food for me. I'm not happy,

6:55 PM  I keep watching the windows of the house where the lady who brings the yummy food in the metal bowl lives.  Did she forget about me? Hey, lady.... I'm here at the barn, in my house....waiting...

7:45 PM  It's getting dark. I'm getting hungry. I only have the yucky dry stuff that's suppose to be food. It tastes like cardboard and it feels like I'm chewing rocks. I prefer mushy stuff. I guess I need to see what I can find.

8:15 PM  There! Did you see it? There is something moving. Over there. In the grass. My tail twitches on its own accord. I hunker down and watch. I'm in stealth mode. My nose twitches. I can smell it. It has a rodent smell. It smells warm. It is coming closer. I move swiftly and pounce. Got it!

8:20 PM  I carry the prey into my house. I am just about to dig into it when I hear that obnoxious dog, Tucker. He runs into the barn. I hiss at him. He leaves and I hide. Luckily he didn't see my prey.

8:35 PM  The man comes into the barn with a light on a stick. I scurry under the horse trailer. The stupid dog is making all kinds of noise. The man shuts the door to my barn. Uh oh. I'm out here. My dinner prey is in there. S*#%

8:45 PM  Here comes the lady who brings the yummy food in the metal bowl with another light on a stick. I'm sitting tight. Ah, but she sees me and calls my name. OK, I smell the yummy food. I'm outta here. The lady who brings the yummy food in the metal bowl lets me into my house. She sees my prey and tells me what a good kitty I am. I melt. I purr. I feel all gooshy inside. The lady who brings the yummy food puts down the food in the metal bowl. She picks up my prey puts it in the big, black cylinder lined in black plastic. She musta put it there to keep it safe from things like Tucker.

9:35 PM  I want my prey. I can smell it. I jump into the big, black container. It's a really high jump, but I'm young. I can do it. Let's see; a bunch of paper, some baling twine, some empty metal bowls.... and... my prey. I grab the prey and jump out.




6:45 AM  The lady who brings the yummy food in the metal bowl opens the door to my house and says, "Good Morning, Mama Boots." She sees the back half of my prey. (I could only eat half of it, what with the yummy food in the can and all.) She reminds me what a good kitty I am. She laughs and asks, "How did you get this out of the garbage can?" She tells me what an amazing huntress I am. I purr. I feel all gooshy inside.


  1. Soooooo well written! I was laughing out loud by the "I'm not happy" line in the first paragraph!!

  2. Miss Boots, you are, indeed, a Mighty Huntress. May your fields always be full of plump, juicy mice.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog Amish Stories.Im enjoying reading about the horses as well. Richard

  4. Great post! We feed our barn cats too much. They hunt for entertainment only.

    Yes, you are a no reply. Somewhere in the settings, there is a place to leave your email address. I found it once but today my brain is on vacation. I have notification of comments come to my email...I never go back to a post. I always hit reply to that email and no reply comes up as your return address.

    Have a fantastic day...and yes, we are very proud of Andrew. You're right, he's just laid back and thinks every one has a life like this.


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