Monday, August 8, 2011

Are You Smarter Than....

  • an octopus?  Octopuses (according to Merriam-Webster this is the correct plural for 'octopus') are actually one of the smarter sea creatures. They learn from observation and can discriminate between different shapes, sizes and brightness.
Yeah, I can do that...and more!
I'm smarter than an octopus!
  • a bee? Honeybees perform a unique dance to communicate the location of lucrative sources of good stuff from flowers. They can use the sun as a compass and can recognize sounds and colors.
Well, I don't speak 'bee' so I wouldn't understand what he is saying.
But, I can read a compass, use a GPS, and get from point A to point B.
I'm smarter than a bee!
  • a microwave? Our new microwave has a number of 'smart' settings. One is for popcorn. It senses how heavy the popcorn bag is and then figures how long to pop it. 

OK, the bag of popped corn isn't as full as usual.
I'll put it back in for a few seconds and use my
'listen to the pops' standard for timing it. 

My popcorn was horribly burned.
[This is not my picture. I had to drown my popcorn with the garden hose.
 But, it looked like this! Source.

I am not smarter than a microwave!


  1. My microwave and phone are just two of the devices smarter than I am.

  2. Many of the new appliances now sense what we's kinda scary.

    I know in this household, many are smarter than me...the washer, my camera and my computer!

    Great post.

  3. I don't have my microwave figured out; I don't have time to read the large manual of instructions. I should hire an octopus to cook dinner.

  4. Sometimes I think our appliances are too smart. I'n sure I could take better photos if my camera wasn't so smart.

  5. Since I can get pretty confused by almost anything mechanical, I have given up any hope of having much intelligence.

  6. Add in the phone, the cell phone, the computer and the lap top...I'm sort of there, sort of getting better...sort of


  7. Ewww nothing worse than the smell of burnt popcorn!

    I agree all our appliances now have brains that can tend to be smarter than me!

  8. I think technology is shaming a lot of us. Some of it is good and some is extremely frustrating.

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  10. Oh, ick. Not much worse than the smell of burnt popcorn - blech. We have a popcorn setting on our microwave too, but I didn't like it either (and you'll never guess why... *laugh*).

  11. Thanks for all of the neat comments that seem to be saying that Technology is getting ahead of us. We used to laugh at the jokes about the blinking time on the VCR... because we knew how to fix it... but things have moved so fast... maybe we don't 'get' it anymore!

    Rachel, thanks for the nice comment. I do have a fb page, but rarely update it. I also set up a Twitter account years ago - sadly, I have forgotten the password and I don't use it at all.


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