Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pot 'o Gold

We had a powerful storm blow through the other evening. The boys were out in their pasture. Lightning was flashing all around them and thunder was crashing. The neighbor's horse ran from pasture back to his barn! My boys stayed out and grazed. They weren't about to let a mere storm interfere with their sacred time on pasture! Finally, it was time to gather them in for the evening. Lo and behold, the wonderful ponies drowned rats had made it up to the gate and were ready to come in and get dinner! 

I think I need to make friends with the owner of the barn at the top of the hill. Evidently, there is a pot of gold on her property!


  1. This is amazing!!! Two pots of gold to go with two rainbows...just beautiful.

    Thanks for your well wishes. Hubby already feels better. He can tell the difference with the plumbing fixed.

    Still have an extra boy visiting so cooked for them and even squeezed in some rearranging and a little's been a long day...but I had to move that recliner while hubby was not glued in it.

  2. Very pretty rainbow, and the boys are even prettier.

  3. Yup...looks like two pots of gold to me! We could sure use a little rain our way.

    Cindy Bee

  4. Nothing beats a horse with some common sense. And, your two are beautiful, besides. Love the twin rainbows matching the twin beauties.

  5. It isn't the neighbor who has the pots of gold- it's you, one for each rainbow.

  6. Shirley is right!!! the boys look happy and gorgeous

  7. Great pic! Since there are 2 rainbows, your neighbour would probably share, right? :-)

  8. Great pic of the boys and their rainbow. That rainbow should be coming right down on Doc and Pippin.


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