Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh, Go Ahead....Take a Guess!

 Can you guess what I have been doing for the past few days?!
It is so exhausting.
Everything hurts.
But it is looking so beautiful!
No, I'm not talking about my beautifully decorated clothing!


  1. You've got your painting done! Congratulations!

  2. either has to be painting...

    or you were canning food as if i were doing it and everyone got sick...?

    No, I think I will go with painting...

    Congrats on beautifulness!

  3. Painting! I love the way a room looks with a fresh coat of paint.

  4. Yup-- my entire downstairs needs that. :-) Congrats!!!!!

  5. Painting! It does use some muscles that aren't used in other jobs.

  6. I'll just have to wait and see.

  7. Yeah...I was painting. We still have a loonnngggg way to go, but we have the living area done so we can begin to put down the wood floor. I am such a slob when I paint that we didn't dare paint AFTER the floor was down!
    I laughed about the cooking thing....yup, picture could fit that too!


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